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Delivery and return of consignments

All returned shipments must be safely packaged and sent with the original invoice and the reason why the shipment is returned to the following address: Eruditor Ltd, Box 57, 253 01 Hostivice.

Data Protection

Eruditor Ltd does not collect sensitive information for you reasonably. Any information that the sender of Eruditor Ltd is stored safely and is not available to other users. The information you provide to Eruditor Ltd will no longer be distributed.

Claims against Eruditor Ltd

Eruditor Ltd publishes this website and its contents without any warranty, whether express or implied, usability for specific purposes, availability or reliability in any sense. Eruditor Ltd in the fate of any loss or loss of profit or any other loss whatsoever and by anyone caused by the use of this website. Eruditor Ltd is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website. The availability of goods can be changed at any time.