How to Use a Shopping Cart

Ordering on is easy, fast and secure.
You must first paste the selected book with the appropriate button into your shopping cart. Once you’ve done this, the content of your shopping cart appears in the top right corner of the page. Now you can either browse the catalog on the same page, change the number of copies ordered, delete a title from the basket or send an order.
You can change the amount of copies required in the shopping cart box by using the small arrows after the column indicating the number. You can increase the amount by clicking on the up arrow and lowering it by clicking the down arrow. If there is only one printout in the shopping cart (the usual situation), by clicking on the down arrow the number is reduced to and the title will be removed from the basket.
To send an order, click the “Continue to Cashier” button in the shopping cart box. You will be redirected to a secure server to fill in all the necessary information. If you did not log in before, we will first ask you for an email address and if you have already purchased a password with us. Then fill in (or confirm) your name, address and credit card details and send the order.
You do not have to order the selected books immediately, but you can just save them. Click the “or save for later” link under the “Add to Cart” button to save the selected book to the “wish-list” where you can return to it for a few weeks or months. You need to log in to use “wish-list” (if you are not already logged in, the link “Or save to later” will not appear). Saved books can be found in your Account.