How to search the catalog

In our catalog of books, although it contains a large number of active items, it can be searched easily and very quickly and the quality of our catalog is one of our important competitive advantages. There are three main tools to search for books: the structured menu in the left column, the authors’ index at the bottom of the left column, and the search form.

Structured menu

In the left column of each page there is a menu that contains a number of main categories. If you click on any category, sub-categories sub-categories are subdivided into subcategories, and if you click on subcategories, the next sub-category will normally expand. Books are categorized into thousands of categories, and the level of nesting varies from one category to another. Categories are usually thematically defined, but some are defined by the literary form, the age of the reader, and the like. Some books are categorized into multiple categories, which means they can be accessed in different ways.

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Name Index of Authors

At the bottom of the left column you will find the author index. If you click on a single letter, the index links page appears according to the first two letters of the author’s last name. The same page shows fifty links to authors with the most titles in the catalog.

Search results are ranked by the number and placement of the words found (for example, the name of the author is higher than that of the publisher). Too complicated queries are simplified.

Use of Search Tools

At the top left of the column is a simple search form with a link to a detailed advanced search form. The search works with whole words, and some non-English words (such as English prepositions and clutches) are ignored. Ignored are words with less than three letters.