About Us

The word fayre may not be found in your dictionary. It’s an old-fashioned, still-used way to write the word fair. Book fayre thus means the book market.
BookFayre.cz is an online bookstore operated by the British company Eruditor Ltd and designed for customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Books are sent by post from the Czech Republic and can be paid by credit card, cash on delivery (only to the Czech Republic) or via PayPal. We send Eruditor.com exclusively to the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to customers from other countries
Bookfayre.com offers virtually all the literature available on the market in the UK and the US. We usually do not have books in stock, but we order them from distributors in the UK and the US based on orders from our customers.
In the Czech Republic, Eruditor Ltd is represented by Albatros Courier, s.r.o., Company ID 25642413.